Particle Station added to the Black Rock City Subway system

We’re proud to announce that Particle Station is the latest stop on the Black Rock City Subway.  A TUGS Tube (Tesla Under Ground Subway) will run right under the Particle Dome, providing easy access to every quadrant of our great city.

For fare schedules and emergency preparedness in the case of wormhole activity, please consult the Black Rock City Subway site.

Mind the temporal gap.

Black Rock City Subway Phase One station map

particles on the playa — a baseline

We visited the Black Rock Desert on June 1st to test our equipment and to get our first baseline measurements. We wanted these initial measurements to occur before the event was underway and while the playa had a minimal population.  (Note: The Black Rock Desert is often called ‘the playa’, a generic term for a dry lake bed, and that’s how we will refer to it in this article.) Continue reading “particles on the playa — a baseline”

Sniffer Progress

I decided to be proactive and start building a Sniffer platform. First on the agenda was GPS; I found an excellent GPS parser and built an Arduino sketch that logs data from any GPS module. Next, I want to add SD card writing. After that, we can add Mingus Dyne’s sensors and specify the data logging protocol. It’s coming together quite nicely.

Want to help? We need a procedure to encode and transfer the stored SD card data into Mingus’ databases, among other things. Mingus is already looking at enclosures and testing low-end sensors. We are actively seeking someone who can help us present the real-time data on our Camp screen. Contact me at kona@konacoffeeman.