Particle Camp

On the playa at 4:10 and Biggie Size!

Particle Camp is the brainchild of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientist Melissa Lunden whose area of research is the study of microscopic airborne particles.

The camp’s focus is on the measurement of airborne particles in the Black Rock Desert with its research primarily relying upon community interaction. The camp will offer Burners to checkout portable measurement units for capturing information as they ride their bikes around the playa. When they get back, camp technicians will integrate their information into the larger data set and can give them a map of their particle journey to amuse and amaze their friends.

Particle Camp will also have two in-camp interactive features: the Particle Camp Theater, with its projected graphs of real time and historic particle measurements, and; the geodesic dome PartiScience Lecture Hall Bar where burners will be served felicitous libations by bartenders in white lab coats while listening to engaging and entertaining talks on all manner of popular scientific research and discovery.

Though a small camp with few members, Particle Camp will engage with Burners in a large way, offering both joyful interactive activities and real scientific research.

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Melissa Lunden 11 years ago
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